Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Little Onion...

One of our fabulous Nurse Practitioners, Erik,
told us yesterday that recovery from a Post-Arrest Neuro Trauma
is like peeling an onion.
When a child is so sick that they are on life support sustaining devices,
you just slowly wean them off of one thing at a time...
See how they do...
Then when they are stable, you go onto the next layer and work from there.
We liked analogy that a lot.
It's fragile. It stinks. Sometimes it's surprisingly sweet.
But you really can't forsee what's inside until you get there.
And it's a slow, painful process...
We also decided it's fitting because there are so many tears.
Tears of sorrow.
Tears of worry.
Tears of anguish and regret.
Tears of hope.
Tears of faith.
Tears of comfort.
Tears of gratitude.
Tears of joy.
So Bronson has become our Little Onion.
We still have so many layers left to go...
But we can only think of one at a time.
This one.
Today, we peeled another layer off our onion.
We finished the Hypothermia Therapy last night
and he has been able to retain a normal body temperature.
They removed the the device we disaffectionately call his "ice blanket"
and he is ever so grateful! He really did NOT like that thing.
But come on, would you?
Because he is less agitated, they were able to lower the dose of his sedative.
He still sleeps unconsciously almost all the time, but reacts a bit more to any stimulation.
His chest Xray this morning shows that his pneumonia is improving.
His right lung shows a small globule of collapse after all,
but does seem to be less dense and improving.
They continue with the lasix (furosemide) to relieve some of his adema,
as he is retaining water. He looks a little less puffy today, overall.
As he warms up, and the circulation to his extremities improves,
his poor little hands and feet are beginning to swell.
Thanks to those of you have sent him stuffed animals
(Jen, Jared & Lisette, Chris & Lisa, Mindy)...
We are using them to prop us his arms and reduce the swelling!
The petichiae on his arm looks a TON better, almost gone in fact.
He is running a little low-grade fever.
His sweet Daddy is diligent in adjusting the cool comfort cloths
we are using across his forehead and chest to draw out the heat.
They've been watching his hermatocrit drop for the last day and a half
and determined this morning that he did indeed need a Blood Transfusion.
Darn. But I guess it is the least of our worries.
It is running now.
We cleaned him up a bit.
I was able to give him a little sponge bath this morning.
I washed off the rest of the blood from the resusitation line attempts.
I wiped the drool and sticky stuff out from the rolls under his chin.
I scraped the crusty boogers out from around his vent hose and nose tubes.
Now that they have taken the EEG scalp electrodes off,
we were able to wash his hair and give him a cute little do!
His faux hawk is a huge hit with all the nurses and staff.
He's stylin' again now!


Lynette said...

Thanks Matt and Sara once again for the update. It helps so much when you don't know what to do and live so far away to be able to see Bronson and the strides that he is making right now.
I love the faux hawk especially since he is on the war path to get better!
XOXOOXOX Auntie L & Dan

Mauri said...

So glad to hear the update. The onion analogy is perfect. One thing at a time! Let us know if we can do anything! Hope to see you and little Bronson very soon. Love you guys!

meg said...

What a sweet, sweet boy! So glad to hear of the progress, still praying and thinking of you all every second of the day! Logan is very worried about the "straw" in B's mouth, he keeps saying "Bon...son, straw, dwink, water?" He loves his cousin, we all do! Keep fighting Brons!

Shmonae said...


“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.”
Corazon Aquino.

We will keep praying...

And I LOVE his hair!! I look at all of your boys and try to figure out how it must be, having all girls myself :)

You are a beautiful, talented, and strong mother.
Hand in There!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sara and Matt,

Holli told us of the accident and it breaks our hearts to know. We are on a mission at the Manhattan NY temple and today I put your names on the temple prayer list. We also are praying for you, Bronson, and your other little ones. I hope you can feel the strength of the prayers in your behalf. Keep your chins up and know we love and think of you.

Elder Mark and Sister Kaye Hamilton

Peg Lewis said...

Do you need blood donations? I know sometimes that's helpful. How we want to do something to help! I thought waiting was the hard part. Now we know it's waiting and peeling. Wow.

Bronson is in our prayers every morning during prayer meeting. Thanks for the update - we wonder and wonder.

Love to all from the B1 missionaries - Sis Lewis

legas said...

Matt and Sara, prayers and love are sent to you daily. Thank you so much for the update. These "little miracles" are so encouraging!! I think of you so much. take care. Jen legas

Mcbride Family said...

I am still praying for this little guy. How do you guys feel about visitors? I would love to come visit you and matt and see him. Maybe bring you something???

The Queen Vee said...

Your little Bronson is my prayers as are you and your family. God bless you all.

Seivert/Webb Family said...

You do not know me, I found you through Jane Rhodes, but I am so pulling for you and your family.

My little boy had open heart surgery when he was 5mo old @ PCMC, and they are so skilled and are perched for miracles, I am sure they will work one for your little boy.

We Mother's carry such a burden, and it's real, and very divine, but be gentle with yourself, you won't accomplish more good by being hard on yourself, leave those things that you cannot control at the feet of your Savior, and go forward in faith.

I am praying for you.
Catherine Seivert

My Life as a Domestic Goddess said...

I just want to come snuggle this little guy! I am still so amazed at the progress he is making. He seems to have a very determined spirit! You guys are pretty amazing yourselves. I admire your faith & strength. Hang in there! Love you & your sweet family so much!

hOLLIANN said...

Sara, you are such a brave and amazing person. We think of you often, and keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Reggie and Holli Gardner

Emily B. said...

He is such a little angel! (I love the hairdo btw) I'm glad things continue to move in the right direction. Thanks for updating! Love ya!

The Benches said...

He really does look so beautiful. He is such a sweet little guy. Still praying for him--and for all of you. xoxo

Kimberly said...

I am still crying...

Thank you for your courage to write and courtesy in keeping us all who care so deeply, posted on the slow painful peeling progress.

Even though we are in Arizona, my mind has been in Utah with you... grieving, hoping, pleading and praying (even dreaming last night!).

He is such a cute little guy even all "hooked up".

Hang in there, we love you!

Kimberly Whitmer (and family)

Christine Smith, LifeVerse said...

This is such a beautiful little boy. I am praying for him with all my heart. Healing, comfort, strength and love- may they cover this precious child.

Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

I couldn't read this story without leaving a prayer behind. I found your blog through another stranger's blog. A woman that lost her baby boy recently. I enjoy her poetry so much and her bravery in her blogging and she linked to you today so that we could pray for your family. I just went on a roller coaster of emotions after reading your last few entries about the accident and I feel blessed to have read your story. There isn't a mother in this world that could ever judge on such an accident because we have ALL been there. I have been distracted a million times and I have set up that same scene quite a few times as well. My heart just aches for you tonight...but it is filled up with so much hope. I am sending you all the possible love I can muster and positive energy will surround you. Thank you for bearing your soul and sharing Bronson with the world. I will pray for you every night until he returns home to his brothers for the BEST day your household will ever see! I know that it is not by chance that I came across your story and am able to put my power of prayer towards your family:) Kathy

Heather Gibb said...

Sarah I am in tears as I read what you and your family are going through. I will keep your family and sweet angel in my prayers. I can feel all your love poured out as you describe your ordeal and your boys have been blessed to be loved by you as their mom.
Heather Gibb

Sue said...

Bronson is so darling snuggled up with all his "loveys". Can't wait to see his cute face without the "straw"!

{jane} said...

the most handsome onion ever. i have a feeling today, lots of those layers are going to peel away with more miracles to behold.

love you.

gd2bqn said...

Sara, Kirby has kept us updated. I always look forward to hearing about you and your family. We also will look for your updates on Bronson and quit calling Kirby. Strength and hugs to you and your family. We will continue with our prayers.

Cani said...

This is Candie Thomas, Kevin's wife. I work at the Blood Bank at PCMC and helped with his transfusion that day. Even though I never have a chance to see the patients, I still feel like I help save lives. I knew of his situation and selected the best possible blood. He's in good hands down here also.:)

Emily said...

I have been catching up on all your posts and had to comment on this one--LOVE the fauxhawk! I'm not a nurse and it's a hit with me too! Lots of prayers being sent your way, mine included...

Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry about everything you went through the past few weeks and the things you are going to be going through from this point on. So many people are praying for you and cheering for you. You are a great mom and you love your son like no one else! There is forgiveness, redemption, and hope in the cross and we are given second chances!!