Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A few small steps... giant leaps!

Just to keep things fun, I thought we'd tip you the other way, just to even things out...
(Sorry... I'm a photographer, please remember... NOT a videographer!)
Here's B thinkin' he can just toddle right on outta here!
"Come on guys! Let's go!"


Silke said...

That is so wonderful so see!!! Hope you can take him home soon!
Much love and best wishes from Germany

Tarnation said...

Love this!

jess said...


The Penn Peay Family said...

I bet it is so wonderful to be all together seeing him do this! Again the JOY!! God Bless you, that boy is so strong!!

Prayers continue of gratitude!

The Penn Peay Family:)

Melissa Shores said...

Just another stranger! I've been reading your blog for many days...praying so hard for your sweet baby! I have a 14 month old so it definitely hit me hard!
I'm in Alabama.
Anyways....I wanted to share this website with you
It is a program you can download to rotate videos. I have used it many times and it is not a virus or anything. I haven't figured out any other way to rotate videos...
Hope it helps!
I'm so excited about little Bronson! Our God is such a mighty and awesome God! I will praise YOU in this storm!
Melissa Shores
Muscle Shoals, AL

arianemoe24 said...

this is just so AWESOME to watch!! to see how far this CHILD OF GOD has come is just BEYOND AMAZING!!!

{jane} said...

i love matt's "unbelieveable" in this!

and..kaden's little head nod to get his sweet zac efron hairdo outta his eyes!

somewhereinthyme said...

This is so great to see. Thank you for sharing. Hope Bronson gets to go home really soon. God bless!

Shmonae said...

I am so happy :)
I can only imagine your joy when all of the boys could come and sing with their little brother and cheer him back to good health!!

Kelly said...

So Amazing!! And I love how you guys are all singing his fav song! Such a blessed family you have! Thank you for making my testimony stonger!
Mom of 3 boys
Gilbert, AZ

Pam And Scott said...

Another blog stalker here. Just wanted to let you know how our love and prayers have been with you!! I found your blog through facebook and then I also work at "The Childrens Place" with Terry Hilary. We have talked non stop of your love and devotion to your family! My son came home from school yesterday and said his seminary teacher lives in your ward and he had shared the story of Bronson to all his students. My son smiled and told his teacher... "My Mom's a blog stalker and she was pretty shook up over this little boy she had never met. Our family fasted and prayed all week for him."
Your story and miracle is touching many people (even teenage boys)...thank you so much for sharing!!

Tasha said...

I love seeing your whole family cheering him on together.

Kelly said...

absolutely beautiful!! Made me cry!!

BenLand said...

what a miracle!
so happy he's getting better :o)

Tam~n~Fam said...

I sing that song almost every week in nursery, but this is definitly my favorite version!! Go Bronson!!!

Kacy said...

I love the sideways video. I have done photography for 12 years and I was recording my little boy once and my husband came walking in and about died. I was recording vertical. I have still never lived that down. But it didn't look right horizontal. He is such a cute little guy and I am enjoying watching all his amazing improvement. My family prays for your family every night.