Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Acrobat in Utero...

That's it...
The minute Baby Bronson is born, I am shipping him off to Vegas
to audition for Cirque du Soleil!
His acrobatic routine ought to be perfected by then since he practices, uh... NON-stop!
I thought Kaden was a little fireball, but this kid is taking it to a whole new level!
He is by far the most active of my children so far!
If his in-utero activity is any indication of personality
(which it has actually been right on with all of my others...),
then we are in trouble with this one!
This is much what my own bed feels like at night...
(and I'm NOT referring to any hanky-panky between Matt & I...
so no sly comments about that, thank you very much!)
There's a full-on Circus going on inside of me!
How can one sleep?


Jane said...

Maybe he will turn out to be very active, but perfectly obedient? Does that combination ever come together??? hehe. Good luck sleeping!

The Haley Family said...

that is funny! My boys were SO active...I felt bruised at times!

Good luck with the circus in your bed! *wink*

EMILY said...

I know this is mean since you still have a few months to go, but I have to say that it feels great not to be pregnant anymore! Granted, there are a whole new set of challenges once they are born, but at least you get your body back somewhat. Thanks for being such an awesome friend and photographer. I'm really glad we managed to get some keepers from the session last night-despite all the setbacks. You're wonderful!

Mauri said...

Good luck! I lucked out and got my sweetest for my fourth. Maybe this means you'll get a mellow one next time. :)

Joey & nettifer said...

Is that the name you picked? Adorable!

Danielle Christiansen said...

Wish I was that flexible! How fun! I know what you mean about the circus inside of you. This baby is kicking me non stop!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Oh, you are taking me back to many sleepless nights with little legs kicking everywhere! I hope you are still getting sufficient sleep. Other than the constant beating, are you feeling pretty well this pregnancy?