Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Afternoon's Craving...

Mmmmm... MMMMMM... Mmmmmm!

So in case you are having trouble interpreting (or perhaps believing!) what you are seeing, this is my latest Culinary Development:

Leftover Hard-boiled Easter Eggs, sliced-in-half

Sprinkled with a little Salt & Pepper

Topped with (that's right!) Sweet-Pickle Relish!

Wah-lah! Heaven on a plate! A delicious Confectionery Masterpiece!

(...Or perhaps it's just the pregnancy talking...)


It's a wonderful life! said...

Hmmmm...sounds crazy but I'm ready for lunch so I would be willing to try your concoction. I'll have to try it.
I didn't know Dayne was going in for tubes today. So glad all is well. None of my kids had to do this, but I spent alot of time at the emergency room or other hospital visits that I know it is not fun to have your kids have surgeries, get stitches, have broken bones, or be really sick.
Get Well Soon Dayne!
Love Auntie L

Mauri said...

It must be the pregnancy talking! I almost threw up when I saw that pop up on the screen. :)

The Benches: said...

I'm pretty sure you are going to have massive heartburn tongiht! :)How did it taste? I hope Daynen is feeling better after his surgery!

Jane said...

{insert whiney-girl's voice from "Friends"...I don't remember her name}


Shana said...

You don't know me I am a friend of Kris Tina's, her blog stalking is contagious apparently. I just wanted to say that I really like your blog, the lay out, the color, the content, the music (I swear every other blog has the same newest hit blasting) You should win a blog contest, it is very refreshing and quite awesome. Cute kids by the way.

Kajsa said...

Hmmmm... I could do the hard boiled egg part but the sweet pickle relish is where I draw the line ;-) I'm sure I ate far stranger foods than this when I was pregnant though!

MiNdY said...

It seems you can do anything as long as there is sweet pickle relish on it. I will put you into a ward if you start putting it on sweets! ;)

6 P's in a Pod said...

Excuse me while I run to the bathroom to HURL!!
You MUST be pregnant!!

6 P's in a Pod said...

Excuse me while I run to the bathroom to HURL!!
You MUST be pregnant!!

6 P's in a Pod said...

Why did that post twice? Sorry! Not even a nice one to post twice. Sheesh!