Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Squaw Peak...

So we followed this...
And ended up here... At the top of the World!
(Well, okay... the top of Provo/Utah Valley at least!)
Kade & Trev have never seen the entire cityscape before and were in awe...
Trevan asked if it was bigger than New York City...
(Uuhhhh... not quite, Buddy!)
But pretty, still the same!
I'm not much of a Landscape Photographer,
but I had fun taking a few shots of the beautiful view...
The clouds were so cool!
The boys and I were actually the "Designated Drivers/Shuttle"
for Matt's Priest's Quorum, who biked one of the trails tonight for their YM Activity.
What a bunch of tough guys...
Matt and Len, their "Fearless Leaders"...
And check out this HOTTIE! Woot-woo!
My Man has become quite the Night Rider, lately!
He usually goes biking up the Canyon several evenings a week (2-4)
and loves scoping out new trails to try with his buddies.
(They actually ride with helmet lamps late at night! So fun for them!)
And of course, as we shuttled back up to get the other cars,
I couldn't resist taking a few more photos of the gorgeous night-time view...
A rare sight for me, that he enjoys all the time...
I'm going to have to get him to let me tag along more often!


Marianna said...

Great Job you non-landscape photographer! Your photos are beautiful as always!! I love reading your blog and keeping up with you and your adorable family!

Jesicca said...

Give yourself credit... your 'landscape' photos are gorgeous. You do amazing work! You know I have always been a fan.

MiNdY said...

Beautiful!! I'd want to tag along too! Thats so great he's so into biking, and has so many friends just as into it!

Teresa said...

I didn't know Len was in your ward, my family has been friends with his family for quite sometime now. Len and my dad coached baseball my brother is his twins age. I just love Cherie she is so sweet.
And by the way your pictures are great I love the sun setting pic its awesome.

david santos said...

Happy forever!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

What a beautiful view - love the sunset pictures!

aLySsA said...

Wow that is a pretty view! i love the night time photos! i have always wanted to chase a rainbow! did you find a pot of gold? ;)

Rachelle said...

I have not been up there for years! How fun to take the boys up there. It is a beautiful view of the city. I love your pictures. I will have to venture up there again one of these days!

Mauri said...

Beautiful pictures. I love Sunsets! The last time I was up there was probably for a make out session with Mike, most likely before children. Oh the memories of Squaw Peak. :)

Jane said...

LOVE Squaw Peak! Beautiful pictures, the clouds and night time photos are just that, beautiful!

I bet Matt is such a great leader, those boys must all adore him!

and, David Santos, he left a comment on my blog this week too, who the???

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Amazing photos! I can practically smell that mountain air. Officially homesick!

Danielle Christiansen said...

I love taking my girls up there. It is specially pretty at night!

The Haley Family said...

you take beautiful landscape photos!! How pretty and how I miss the 'mountains' in Utah!! Someday...

Melissa said...

Rhett had a great time on that bike ride! We took him and his buddies back up there a couple of days later to do it again. Matt is a great YM leader -- the boys say, "He is just one of the guys." Tell Matt I appreciate him fixing the tire too, especially since it was my bike that Rhett was riding!