Saturday, July 26, 2008

Relaxing Day at the Pool?

One of the things we adore about our Little D is how happy and uber-easy-going he is...
Seriously, he is soooo chill!
We can go anywhere and do anything and he is just thrilled to be along for the ride!
(Really, how many kids do you know that fall asleep IN the pool?)
And I love that he is still clutching the little goggle strap that Matt tied on for him to play with!
What a sweetie!


The Moving Circus said...

That is so cute!!! You are right I have never heard of a kid falling asleep in the pool.


Jane said...

too cute!

Mauri said...

We all had a good laugh when we saw this picture. He is such a funny and sweet little kid. I wish I could fall asleep anywhere like he does.

EMILY said...

Adorable! Looks like you guys played hard and had a great time down there. By the way, you look hot in that swimsuit. I can't even tell you're pregnant!

Britney said...

Can I have one of those?! He is absolutely precious.

onceapickle said...

How sweet is that? Do they make those floating things in adult sizes too?