Friday, May 23, 2008

One down...

T had his last day of Preschool today...
It was bittersweet.
He is so excited to look forward to Summer and to Kindergarten, but so sad to say goodbye!
He has LOVED carpooling and being in class with his best-est pal, Hudson...
They are such cute little friends... often mistaken for twins!
Trev has worked so hard and learned so many new things!
He has passed off all his letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, writes his name and is making great progress in Math & Reading! What a Smarty-Pants!
He has loved having his cousin, Chase (who is exactly 4 days older) in his Class
and had fun getting to see and play with him often.
And he has just adored the sweet, omniscient Mrs. Dove!
She is a darling teacher and has done so much to boost his confidence
and to help him to become excited about learning.
He will miss her daily "kisses"... (Hershey's kissables they earned as rewards!)
He will miss Mrs. Dove... and of course Marvin the Mouse, their Class Pet,
and is already planning to go back and visit!
. .
We are so proud of you, Trev!
We can't believe you are growing up so fast!


Jane said...

so cute, but I am EXCITED that he will be with KJ next year! woo-hoo!!!

meg said...

Trevan is so dang cute!