Monday, April 28, 2008

T's mind at work...

This is Trevan's Star-Bellied Sneech.
As in, from the Dr. Suess story...
(For those of you who don't remember it, here's a recap in a nutshell:
In the village of Sneeches, the cool ones have stars on their bellies and the other ones wish they did...
One day, someone invents a machine that PUTS a star on your belly, and of course all the non-starred Sneeches flock to it in herds and are so proud of their new stars...The originally-starred Sneeches don't feel so special anymore, so they rush to have theirs removed and set a "new trend"...
Before long, amidst the chaos, no one can remember who had stars and who didn't and they have to learn to like each other regardless of any status symbol...)

So Trevan's Class read this story at school today and made these puppets.
He was so proud and couldn't wait to show me and tell me all about it.

Like every good Mom, I pretended I'd never heard anything about it before, and hung on his every word.
At the end of his description I asked, "So, what do we learn from this story?".

"Well, the guy who made those machines was so super-smart."

I was surprised by his answer. "Why do you say that?", I asked.

"Be-CUZ! All those Sneeches kept giving him all their money to go back and back and back!
He prob-ly got like, SUPER rich!"

...Oh... he is sooo his father's son...

Aside from the obvious entrepreneurial/industrially-minded spirit behind the comment,
his little brain is just sooo very logical and practical... always looking for a solution to every problem and a way to overcome every obstacle. (Wonder where he gets that?)
I think his favorite word is, "but..." followed by some enthusiastic reason why what he wants/thinks is possible.
He comes up with the most imaginative, outrageous ideas and often ridiculous scenarios,
but it is so funny to see this problem-solving personality at such a young age!
Love this little smarty-pants!


Kajsa Farnsworth said...

I have never read this Dr. Seuss story - I love the message!
You definitely have a young entrepreneur on your hands :)

Mcbride Family said...

Hey! So I found your blog! Now we need to keep in touch!!! Your blog is so pro. I might still need some work!

Joey & nettifer said...

I have never heard that story. I might have to go get it at the library!

Jane said...

so cute - I love Trevan's smile in this picture, he is SO proud!