Sunday, April 6, 2008

Staker Family Easter Egg Hunt...

Okay, I know, already... this is OLD news, but I finally got around to editing the photos from Easter Sunday! (It's only been 2 weeks... come on!)

There are even more to come, but here are a few shots from
The Staker Family Easter Egg Hunt 2008
at Grandma Peggy & Grandpa Larry's... always so fun!
Our little fam...

Trev was so excited to find a bucket with his very own name on it (that he could read all by himself!)

and he couldn't wait to find an egg in each color!

Thanks, Grandma Peggy!


Kade, on the other hand, looked high

and low...

until he finally found his bucket...

which he still managed to fill with eggs!

. . . . .

AND (Drum-roll please...) Here's the traditional 2008 Egg-Hunter Group Portrait, taken under the Gazebo, as always! Look at all those happy Egg-Hunters... looks like they all had a great time (even the Dads!)!

And I guess we wore them out! Little D didn't even make it to the freeway!

Thanks again to Auntie Lynette and Grandma Peggy for a wonderful evening!


Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Ahhh... look at the sleepyhead. Looks like you had a fabulous Easter!

MiNdY said...

Those are some CuTe CUTE pictures!! You'd think a PRO photographer put this blog together!

Jane said...

the picture of Kaden in that tree is awesome, way to go!