Friday, April 11, 2008

Hard at work... or hardly working?

Just thought I'd give you a peek at Matt's "rough day at the Office" on Wednesday...

Yeah... he said it was a little slushy... I felt bad for him... real bad!

That's my Babe in the white pants and bright green boots.  Woot-woo!  What a hottie!  He's a-MAZ-ing! 

He's at the Canyons with our buddy, Johnny-the-Man-Murphy in the brown and gray.  

They are a couple o' shreddas, fo sho!


Kajsa Farnsworth said...

D'oh, I can't get the video to play. Maybe later...although I can tell this is going to be some kind of daredevil maneuver similar to the Moab pictures.
I swear every year I get older I get slower, lazier and more cautious on the slopes. How do these guys do it? Seriously amazing.

Jenn Granum said...

Matt is so awesome! Geoff would LOVE to be able to do that! He jumps off all those big kickers but he would really love to spin.

Jane said...

W-O-W, will you tell me in like a week how many people on Youtube have looked at this!?!

Matt always amazes me, did you add the music? nice touch.

MiNdY said...

That is SO flippin awesome! You must be posting faster than Im blogging because I dont know how Ive missed these posts! Yah, my brother has some pretty sweet moves.. :)
Again, is there anything you two cant do?!

aLySsA said...

WAY TO GO Mat!! Hey you think you can teach me how to do that sometime?? hehe! Way fun! glad you had a good time!