Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Addition!

Trevan is pleased to announce the addition of a new Build-A-Bear Buddy to his growing crew.
He went to his best friend Hudson's Birthday Party last week at Build-A-Bear and brought home this cute, cuddly guy... Beary the Bear.

Beary wears a Spiderman T-shirt JUST like one of T's Pajama shirts and is rumored to have super-powers.
Trev's first Build-A-Bear, Mo the Monkey, was his favorite Night-time Pal for several years. We got him on vacation in southern California in the Summer of 2004 and T has LOVED him ever since!

Kaden gave Trev Mo's awesome construction outfit for Christmas last year. Now he "matches" in Trev's Transportation-themed Bedroom.

Trevan adopted Froggy the Frog from Alli, our babysitter/psuedo-daughter when she started High School and got too busy to take care of Froggy.

(Alli said Froggy was lonely at her house anyway, so he was happy to have a friend to hang out and play with!)

BJ, short for Baby Jag, just joined us a few months ago when Grandma Peggy & Grandpa Larry took all the Staker Grandkids to Build-A-Bear for Christmas. (Trevan named him "Baby Jag" after the baby jaguar on his favorite TV show, "Go Diego, Go!")

If he were allowed to have a favorite, I don't think it would be hard for him to pick! He LOVES BJ! He didn't leave T's side for almost a solid week and he still sleeps with him! (Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa!)

Trev's Build-A-Bear Crew hangs out on his Window Seat/Spare Sleepover Bed when they aren't playing with him. He told me this morning he doesn't think he can get any more "guys" from Build-A-Bear or else they will "start getting crowded and run out of room." :)

If you haven't taken your kiddies to Build-A-Bear, it is so much fun! They get to choose, stuff and dress their own pal, then give put their love inside for a lifelong friendship. It is a must-do with your little ones! :)


MiNdY said...

Wow! He has alot of nice friends there!! And he looks SO handsome in all of those pictures! Did you have a pro take them?? ;) Good Job Sara! Its wild to see how fast he's growing up.

Jane said...

I need to come over and take like a crash course in Photoshop or Illustrator, whatever you're using to spiffy up these already amazing pictures! LOVE IT!