Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is this thing on?

Ope! I think I see the green light blinking! We must be up and going! :)

So here we are... our little family of 5 living and breathing from day to day in Provo, Utah. We get so busy with our "routine" that we wanted to let you all in on exactly what that includes!

We will get more high tech with our entries as soon as we figure out exactly what we are doing, but for now you'll have to settle for a shot of us all dressed up and ready for Church!


Shannon said...

Yahoo..It's so fun to see you blogging!! And of course your Blog is Beautifully done! I am excited to see all of your pictures and beautiful little fam!!

Ben and Natalie's Family Zoo said...

What a great site! You are a professional at everything you do...including having cute kids!


Ben and Natalie's Family Zoo said...

Okay girlfriend, time to update the ol' blogspot :) I want to see pics of the Halloween party!


Jane said...

Sara, one idea of blogs is to keep posting on a regular basis - I'd love to see some pics of your boys, I'm sure you already have Halloween photos!